Based out of Cleveland, OH, Heath Analytics is a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations realize the potential of analytics to transform how they make decisions. We believe that every organization regardless of size, industry, budget, skill-level, and mission can make analytics an invaluable part of their operations.


Brian Heath, PhD

"What I've learned the most about myself over the last few years is that I'm a builder. Whether it is forming new teams, strategies, or processes, I'm at my best when solving a complex problem or building something entirely new. If I get to build something meaningful and it involves analytics, then it is a great day."​

  • Education: BS, MS, and PhD in Industrial Engineering​

  • Industry Experience: Defense, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, Logistics, Consulting, Higher Education, and Information Technology

  • Organizational Experience: Public, Private, Non-Profit, Government, Academic, and Start-up​

  • Specialties: Analytics Strategies, Practical Data Science, and Simulation Modeling

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