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Thinking Analytically: Five-Minute Reflections on Data, Analysis, and Organization

There is no shortage of problems. Some problems are mundane and trivial. Others strike at the core of existence. Individual, organizational, and societal issues call for intelligent resolution. Learning to think analytically can assist those grappling with our most wicked problems. Analytical thinking enables one to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. It helps one evaluate options and make informed decisions. As one thinks analytically, one questions assumptions critically and critiques the status quo. Thinking analytically helps individuals better understand themselves, others, and society. Developing analytic thinking improves one’s ability to navigate complex social, political, and organizational issues. These skills are in dire need and are increasingly valued socially and economically. This book provides topical vignettes designed to assist individuals in cultivating and refining their analytic thinking skills.

This book was designed for daily reflection. It offers a daily invitation for a moment of calm in a world increasingly dominated by hustle. Thinking analytically benefits from a focus on quality. Quality takes time. Take the time to cultivate the patience required for effective analytic thinking. Setting aside five minutes daily to read and reflect on these vignettes can culminate into something transformative. Our problems will be solved by those who think well rather than those who read fast.

Whereas we will never all think the same, we can hope and encourage that we all should think. However inefficient and contentious, diversity of thought is an organizational asset. It is currently misunderstood and undervalued in our society. Thinking analytically provides a basis for enhanced clarity, authenticity, and solidarity. Improving the quality of our thinking and sincerely respecting the thinking of others can only make things better.

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