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Brian Heath, Ph.D.

Lives & works in Pennsylvania

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2010 - Ph.D. in Engineering

Wright State University

2008 - Masters of Industrial Engineering

Wright State University

2006 - Bachelors of Industrial Engineering

Kettering University




2022 - Vice President, Data Analytics

Akili Interactive (Digital Therapeutics startup)

2021 - Chief Data and Analytics Officer

Unify Jobs (Technology startup)

2018 - VP, Product & Predictive Analytics

Unify Labs (Non-profit, technology startup)

2017 - Director, Sales Forecasting & Analytics

Vertiv (Manufacturer)

2013 - Director, Analytics Solutions

Cardinal Health (Healthcare supply & distribution)

2011 - Consultant, Advanced Analytics

Cardinal Health (Healthcare supply & distribution)

2010 - Operations Research Analyst

United States Air Force (Defense)

2004 - Consultant, Co-op  (4 rotations)

HB Maynard (Consulting)

2003 - Plant Engineering, Co-op (3 rotations)

UPS (Logistics)




2019 - Python and Machine Learning Workshop

Lecturer, Savannah State University

2017 - Descriptive, Predictive, & Prescriptive Analytics

Adjunct Professor (on-going), Wittenberg University

2011 - Facility Design

Adjunct Instructor, Wright State University

2009 - Engineering Perspectives

Instructor, Wright State University

Grants & Awards


2007 - DAGSI Ph.D. Fellowship

2006 - Kettering University President's Medal

2001 - Pennsylvania Governor's School for Sciences



Analytics strategy and operations

Building and leading analytics teams

Business problem solving

Analytics product development

Written and oral communication

Decision and data science

Business intelligence

Statistics and machine learning

Computer simulation modeling

Agent-based modeling


Natural Language Processing



2023 - Freedom Delimited: An Analysis of Humanist Manifestos

2022 - Perceptions of Power and Organizational Sentiment: Analysis of One-Word Descriptions

2022 - Critical Effective: Contextualizing Performance in Business Schools using the h-Index

2021 - AI-Enabled Translation and Analysis of Chinese Business Ethics

2021 - The Communication and Translation of Data and Analytics Driven Insights

2013 - Optimizing Warehouse Operations for Pharmaceutical Distribution Company

2013 - Ontological Implications of Modeling and Simulation in Postmodernity

2012 - An agent-based modeling approach to analyze the impact of warehouse congestion on cost and performance

2012 - Validation in the agent-based modelling paradigm: problems and a solution

2011 - An Initial Hybrid Simulation Analyzing US Air Force Sustainment Performance

2010 - Some insights into the emergence of agent-based modelling

2010 - An Exploratory Agent-Based Model of Warehouse Picking Operations with Congestion

2010 - Agent-Based Modeling: A Historical Perspective and a Review of Validation and Verification Efforts

2010 - Final Report: Developing an Agent-Based Modeling Verification and Validation Approach for Improving Air Force Analytical Support

2010 - The history, philosophy, and practice of agent-based modeling and the development of the conceptual model for simulation diagram

2009 - A survey of agent-based modeling practices (January 1998 to July 2008)

2009 - Replicating the Bay of Biscay: Issues in Agent-Based Modeling Validation

2009 - The Early History of Agent-Based Modeling

2008 - A Brief Examination of the Nature, Contexts, and Causes of Unethical Consultant Behaviors

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