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Ross Jackson, Ph.D.

Lives & works in Ohio

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2008 – Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences
Walden University

1998 – M.A. in Applied Economics
Ohio University

1997 – B.B.A. in Business Economics
Ohio University


2018 – Assistant Professor of Business
Wittenberg University

1998 – Defense Analyst
Department of the Air Force


2018 – Business Analytics, Assistant Professor (on-going), Wittenberg University

2018 – Data Visualization, Assistant Professor (on-going), Wittenberg University

2018 – Strategic Planning & Policy, Assistant Professor (on-going), Wittenberg University

2018 – Textual Analysis (on-going), Wittenberg University



Data Visualization

Strategy Development

Risk Analysis

Cost Estimating



2023 - Freedom Delimited: An Analysis of Humanist Manifestos

2022 - Perceptions of Power and Organizational Sentiment: Analysis of One-Word Descriptions

2022 - Critical Effective: Contextualizing Performance in Business Schools using the h-Index

2021 - AI-Enabled Translation and Analysis of Chinese Business Ethics

2021 - Haunted across the political spectrum: The specter of communism in two midcentury American organizations.

2021 - Marketing inscribed: A corpus linguistics comparison of academic and practitioner marketing publications. 

2021 - Becoming who you are through authentic communication.

2021 - Effective communication approaches for decision analytics: An exploration of strategies. 

2020 - Contract duration: Barrier or bridge to successful public-private partnerships?

2019 - Parlant de Business: An Application of Combined Probability Theory to Inherent and Translation-Induced Semantic Ambiguity

2019 - Nietzsche’s constructions of power: Implications for international business ethics.

2019 -Leadership in postmodernity: A dystopia of crumbling facades and apathy.

2016 – The Spectacle of Analysis: Analytics as Organizational Propaganda.

2011 – Acquisition Reform as Performance Art: Reforming Acquisition Reform.

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