We unlock your data to help you reach new heights.

You are not alone: 85% of initiatives fail to turn data into insights. At Heath Analytics, we specialize in delivering practical data and analytics solutions that help you make better decisions.

Our approach

Data and analytics is capable of helping people and organizations make better decisions. But, all too often it doesn't work out. Analytics initiatives fail to live up to the hype. Our instincts tell us that more information should result in better decisions. The failure is not with the logic, it's with the approach.

Analytics success is only 20% data and tools. The other 80% is the people. We start here. We bring the right people to solve your problem. People with years of proven experience across all sectors, industries and sizes. Our people won't attempt to dazzle you with shiny PowerPoint slides and fancy degrees (although we have them) - they will deliver results that work for you today.


Our services

Heath Analytics specializes in helping organizations realize the potential of analytics to transform how they make decisions. We are hands on and believe that every customer is unique in their needs, constraints, and goals. Because of this, our services are tailored to where you are at and where you are going.

Analytics Service Offerings:​

  • Custom Analytics Projects

    • Data processing​

    • Data visualization and reporting

    • Data mining

    • Machine Learning

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Simulation Modeling

    • Optimization

  • Functional Assessment

  • People Development 

  • Data & Technology Consultation

  • Process Implementation


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